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AiMO develops "turn-key" architecture projects. Thanks to its network, an integral service can be offered for any project in any part of the world. We are a global product; both in the model of management and in the procedures. Because of this, we have created an international network of architecture studios which are part of AiMO. This is the Innovation. This way, it is possible to act with agility and efficiency avoiding the physical boundaries or the ones which have been established according to the Legistation and the Regulations of each country, which would slow down the production process if it was developed in Spain. The agility in the execution and the "turn-key" avoid variations in the costs and in the stipulated time periods.


AiMO offers three things to the client:

-An integral building work service.

-A strategic consulting for patterns in expansion in order to open up new routes in the market and reach new clients.



Courses of action:

1-AiMO Architecture: aimed to single family homes, buildings, office buildings, industrial units, hotels...

2-AiMO Franchises: aimed to a spanish market in expansion with is based on the concept of standardised products because they allow us to reduce costs and speed up the construction.

3-AiMO Microarchitecture: develops a standard furnishing and lighting design adapted to different spaces. Its designs have already been commercialised by AiMO AOM.

AiMO is going on with this course of action because the prototypes are helping us to improve our three courses of action in order to defend our market position.



AiMO is both a product and a service. The product is its Brand; the differentiation is going to be produced by the design and the Brand. About the service, AiMO is an architecture studio, a consultancy and AiMO branding at the same time. These are going to be its competitive advantages in the market. The challenge of AiMO is to develop mechanisms to take advantage of the ideas and the creative minds of the whole organization, to profit from the strengths of the group, and think about networks of leaders that collaborate to improve the organization.

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