AiMO, who are we?

AiMO was born with a global vision of Architecture in which creativity plays a key role in the transition from the original view to the implementation of the idea. The members of the team form a global net which is of vital importance in this constant process of invention and reinvention.

Once the personalities, experiences, strengths and weaknesses of every individual are discovered, we then create a system of horizontal management to lead the project to its conclusion, getting members of the team to maximize their abilities.

The team is led by José Ramón Garitaonaindía, who has a long national and internationally renowed career. Montse Neira was part of his team for ten years. The role she played in it was really important and it was in that team where she discovered her ability for management and supervision of human teams. Together, they begin this new journey where the management is based oncollaboration and team work.




Montse Neira. Architect .   CEO   and co-founder of AiMO

Co founder Paulo Rocha AiMO AOM.

Studio Director. AiMO General Coordinator 


José Ramón Garitaonaindía. Doctor Architect

Co-founder AiMO

Full  Professor  of  Architectural  Constructions ETSAC.  A  Coruña. Spain

AiMO General Coordinator  


Paulo Rocha.

CEO  and co founder of AiMO AOM. Porto. Portugal


Jorge Aragón Fitera. Doctor Architect

Professor.  Construction  Technology Department ETSAC. A Coruña. Spain.

www.ckestructuras.com (Structure Consultancy and Building Pathology).


Julio Grande

Architect.   Project  Coordinator. A Coruña. Spain


Carlos Mario Díaz

Architect. Project Coordinator Bogotá. Colombia 



Óscar Solís Samperio

Architecture  and Design. México City. México.


Dimitri Sorochan

Architect .  Expert in Urban Design.  Sant Petersburg. Russia.



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